Protect your organization’s information assets

Remotely controlling the use of:
- Removable Drives
USB Thumb drives, IPods, mp3 players...
Smart cards readers CF, SD, MMC, XD...
Zip, floppy drives...
- Compact discs
- Transceivers
Infrared (IrDA)
USB Bluetooth


USB Lock RP - control (Installed in one PC or server) • Restrict or allow devices usage, controlled remotely from a centralized control, in real time
- Receive blocked, or allowed insertion alerts in real-time
- Make per machine volatile or permanent authorizations to allow specific usb storage devices.
- Generate global or per machine reports with one click.
- Monitor USB use. USB Aware (add-on) reports the name of usb drives extracted files. (optional)

Client (Installed in your network PCs)
- Provide active security without affecting performance stealth starting as a service at local system.(at 0% CPU)
- Protects even i f the PC is disconnected from the network
- Designed not to affect the normally used usb peripherals: keyboards, mouse, most printers, scanner, v-cams etc.

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