AVG 8.5 – because prevention is better than cure

Get protected – and stay protected!
AVG helps you stay safe while you shop, bank online watch videos, search or surf the web, download music, documents and pictures, and email or chat. Every document or file you download, every web page or link you click on, is scanned by AVG before you open it. Unlike other security products, we stop the threats before they reach your hard drive and become a problem. Safe internet surfing is now possible.

Traditional antivirus isn't enough!
"Traditional" viruses and spyware keep on growing - every day we see tens of thousands of new examples in our labs. And online criminals are getting smarter– they keep inventing types of threat that have never been seen before, usually aimed at stealing your bank account, credit card details or other personal information, so we’ve developed an extra layer of identity theft protection that sits on top of traditional antivirus and antispyware software. It looks for changes in your PC's behavior that are caused by new threats – and then stops them in their tracks.

Threats can be here today, gone tomorrow!
Cybercriminals are also setting up their own web sites – or poisoning legitimate websites – to distribute all sorts of malware over the internet. These web “exploits” are often around for less than a day, shutting up shop once they’ve infected enough people for that day. So to counter this, we’ve developed real-time software protection that gives you safety ratings for web pages and stops you opening the bad ones at the only time that matters – when you’re about to click the link.

For more information
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