Inter Data Recovery Center (IDR)
95% of the cases are recoverable, but every time you move, shake, or even plug the drive to the computer, you risk in lowering the rate of successful data recovery and of course raise the risk of losing your data for ever.

We are the representative and call center of "Inter Data Recovery Center (IDR)"; the profession data recovery center located near you in Bangkok, Thailand. You will receive 5% discount if you mention us for the data recovery service at IDR. Click here for the standard service price list.

Why Choose IDR?
In many cases you have only one attempt to recover damaged files. There is no second chance! You need a company that possess the right skills coupled with up to date tools and resources. Majority of our resources and tools have been gradually developed by our own experts over a time span of more than ten years. Our methods and equipment have undergone a rigorous test of time and reliability and we can proudly say that offers what is the most advanced technology currently available

In more than ten years of operation IDR have successfully handled literally thousands of data recovery incidents. Our experts feel confident with all hard drive and storage types and different operating systems. has the skills and resources necessary to recover your valuable files.

Maintaining an enviable success rate of 97%, which is way above the industry average! Regardless of what caused data loss, be it physical damage, virus or hardware failure, the chances are good that will recover your files.

Fast Response Service:
Speak to a human, not a robot. Our hot-line is available to you 24/7. Talk to our recovery experts immediately. This is not an answering machine. IDR know that data recovery is an emergency and that's exactly how we treat your case.

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Call us today, for an obligation-free quote or to obtain an unbiased data loss advice, please use our contact us form or visit our central office in Bangkok, Thailand. We will give you a free evaluation and, if we can recover your data, a price quote. Pricing is on a case-by- case basis. If your data is urgent, priority status is available for an extra charge. All recovered data is treated as private and confidential.

Dos and Don'ts When the Hard Drive Crashes
- Turn off the computer
- Don't use your hard drive after you dropped it
- Don't try to fix the hard drive yourself
- Don't take your hard drive to a non-professional
- Don't perform the "sledgehammer" test on your computer
- Bring us your hard drive and within 48 hours

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