Lotus Workflow
Developing workflow applications for Lotus Domino environments

IBM® Lotus® Workflow™ 7 software is an easy-to-use, standalone workflow application development tool that extends the native workflow capabilities of IBM Lotus Domino® software and speeds the creation and deployment of workflow-oriented applications. Integrating easily with your IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus Domino environments, Lotus Workflow software provides the ability to automate, manage and monitor business processes. Business processes can be performed more consistently, with fewer errors, because steps are predefined and documented.

• Includes the ability to expose Lotus Workflow services as Web services
• Uses an easy-to-use graphical point-and-click interface for designing and updating business processes
• Provides the ability to attach files when using a browser to access a Lotus Workflow-enabled application
• Provides built-in workflow logic, reusable object libraries for routing rules, role assignment, deadline handling and task automation, so that even complex processes can be automated with little or no programming
• Allows participants to see their work assignments as part of a flow diagram so that they can quickly and easily check the status and context of a currently running job
• You can store and manage documents with Lotus Domino Document Manager software while using Lotus Workflow applications to rapidly deliver documents across your enterprise

• Provides a flexible platform for automating, refining and managing complex people-based business processes
• Extends the native workflow capabilities of Lotus Domino software and is easy to use
• Makes it easier to document and refine your organizational processes to reflect changing business needs
• Manual processes can be performed more quickly and consistently, with fewer errors, because steps are predefined and documented
• Mission-critical workflow applications can be supported and maintained, rolled out across the enterprise and quickly modified as processes evolve
• Integrates easily with Lotus Notes and Domino environments
• When combined with Lotus Domino Document Manager 7 software, document-based routing and approval tasks can be streamlined
• Enables you to use the Web to manage business processes for your enterprise more effectively, saving you time and helping improve employee productivity

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