IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5

IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus® Domino® software delivers a proven platform for collaborative business applications, messaging and workflow. It provides a reliable, security-rich messaging and collaboration environment for more than 46,000 companies worldwide, helping to increase employee productivity, facilitate decision making and improve overall responsiveness. IBM has leveraged its 20 years of leadership in business collaboration solutions to provide a new kind of desktop application that can help deliver an enhanced user experience, drive greater business value and boost IT performance.

Deliver an enhanced user experience that helps boost efficiency
Lotus Notes and Domino software empowers users to take action, create and share knowledge and collaborate with teams. It elevates the power of e-mail with tools and information that help users get work done quickly. And it enables employees to leverage assets and connections across the Internet as boundaries between the enterprise and the outside world disappear.

Drive greater business value
Innovation is what distinguishes companies that thrive from companies that simply survive. IBM Lotus Notes and Domino software can help you drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings by streamlining your existing business processes and eliminating roadblocks.

Boost IT performance
IT administrators face more challenges than ever before—security issues, environmental pressures, a demand for reliability and scalability, and rising costs. IT administrators need solutions that can solve these problems, simplify administrative tasks and reduce help-desk visits.

IBM Lotus software isn’t just for big business— it’s for all business.
Buy what you need for today and easily scale and add capabilities as your business needs change. Small businesses can get started quickly and cost-effectively using an IBM Lotus Foundations™ Start solution. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised by its power and simplicity.

For more information
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